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What should I do if I am experiencing a water or sewer leak?
Contact the Utility Department at 318-449-5668, between the hours of 7:00 AM and 3:30 PM; after hours contact the Pineville Police Department at 318-442-6603.
What does it cost to adopt a dog or cat from the Pineville Animal Shelter?
Female dogs cost $95.00, Males dogs $85.00 , Female cats $80.00, Male cats $75.00. These fees include the cost of Spay/Neuter, first shots, worming, and initial vet visit.
Are any dogs or cats free of charge?
No, if animal was already spayed/neuter the fee is reduced to a $10.00 adoption fee
If a deposit is left can an animal be held for an individual?
No, in the past when we took depoists, often the interested person changed his or her mind and we lost the chance to place the animal with another interested party.
Where do I look for a lost pet?
It is very important that you personally visit the local animal shelters.
Can I leave information regarding my lost pet at the animal shelter?
Yes. Make sure to leave as much detail as possible and a picture, if you have one. It will make it much easier to identify a lost pet.
Will it cost anything to give an animal to the shelter?
There is no cost for dropping off animals, but you must live inside the city limits of Pineville and have proof of residency.
How long will the shelter hold my pet?
We do not have a specific time limit in which we hold owner released animal. We make every effort we can to adopt all animals out, but unfortunately we are not able to do so. You can help us to be more succussful in adopting out your pet by leaving any information such as age, breed, shot records, and any other information that a new owner may need to know.
What does the shelter do if a home isn't find for the pet?
The animal will be humanely euthanized by injection by a licensed veterinarian.
Will the shelter call me if they can't find a new home for my pet?
We do not make any promises when we take in a pet. We will make every effort to adopt an animal out to a new home, but the only way we can promise an animal won't be put to sleep is if it is never brought into the shelter.
Does the shelter spay/neuter animals at the Pineville Animal Shelter location?
No. Please call your private veterinarian for spay/neuter information for your pet.
Why should I have my pet spayed or neutered?
To prevent bringing unwanted cats/dogs in the world.
What is the Pineville Animal Shelter address?
1700 Jefferson Hwy. Pinville, LA 71360
What are the business hours for the shelter?
Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM Closed Saturday and Sundays and Holidays
How does the shelter put animals to sleep?
When it is necessary to put animals to sleep it is done by injections by a licensed veterinarian.
Does the shelter board animals?
No. We do not have the space available to board privately owned pets.
Where are the City baseball fields located?
Off Bayou Marie Road, on Hickory Street in the Wardville Community.
How many baseball fields are available?
The City has four adult fields and five youth fields
Who do I contact about using the baseball fields?
For this information you can call 318-449-5671.
Where do I register my child for summer baseball and softball?
You can visit the Pinevill Youth Baseball website below or call Steve Rachal at the Ward 9 Complex at 318-201-2099.
Who do I need to contact about the teams in the Adult Softball League?
You can contact League Organizer Reggie "Cheeta" Dubroc at 318-201-8500.
How do I book an event at the City ballparks, Buhlow Lake, or other locations?
Contact Main St Communiy Center at 318-449-5681, for booking details, fees and availability.
How much does it cost to rent the facilities?
The fees vary by how many people and the number of hours needed. $20 per hour (3 Hours minimum) $75 per five hours $140 Full day 8AM-12 Midnight $75 Damage Deposit, for all bookings (REFUNDABLE) $20 per hour for small conference rooms Setup Fees $25 per 100 $40 for over 100 Clean up Fees $35 per 100 $50 for over 100 Pavilion Charges are $50 for all day Plus a $75 Damage Fee(REFUNDABLE)if no damages is incurred.
When can I expect the deposit back?
The deposit is usually sent back within 2 weeks of your event date.
Is it ok to have a DJ and dance at event?
Yes, but security may be required through the Pineville Police Department.
Is alcohol allowed at the City Facilities?
No. City Ordinance Sec. 14-71. Drinking alcoholic beverages on streets, sidewalks, squares, parks, ballparks, playgrounds, on any city-owned, leased or operated property or in any city-owned, leased or operated buildings or premises prohibited.
What should I do if I am experiencing low water pressure?
Check for a water leak, if there isn't one contact the Utility Department at 318-449-5688.
What type of chemicals are used to treat the water?
Chlorine only
Does the City have kitchens available at Community Centers?
Yes, both Community Centers have complete kitchens. The Pavilion has a water only kithchen.
Can I rent Buhlow Lake?
Yes. The area fronting Hwy 165 belongs to the City of Pineville. It rents for the damage deposit of $75 and Proof of Insurance, which must also cover the City of Pineville.
Can I rent the ballparks?
Yes, the ballparks is rented for a $75 damage deposit plus insurance.
Do we use local vendors for purchasing materials and supplies?
Yes. Local vendors are encouraged to do business with the City of Pineville, however competitive quotes are always requested.
Does the City of Pineville pay taxes?
No. The City of Pineville is exempt from state and local sales tax. The purchasing division will furnish a tax exemption certificate upon request.
Is there a fee to do business with the City of Pineville?
Are there any special requirements for doing work with the City of Pineville?
YES. If you are providing a service that requires you to work city premises, i.e., construction , lot cleaning, street repairs, demolition, act. You must be able to provide proof of insurance and worker's compensation prior to commencement of work. Complete insurance requirements are available upon request.
How long can a vendor remain on the City's bid list?
The vendor will remain on the City's bid list as long as their work performance is acceptable by the City. Vendors are removed from the bid list if past performance has been unacceptable or if mail is returned with no forwarding address.
How long will it take to have a tap put in after it is paid for?
It will take from 5 to 7 working days.
How much does a tap cost?
Prices vary depending on the work involved.
Who do I contact about getting my pool filled up?
Contact the Utility Department during normal business hours.
How do I optain a copy of a police report?
Copies of a police report can be obtained in person from the Records Bureau at the Pineville Police Department during normal business hours. To request a copy of a police report by mail, you must provide the specifics of the incident such as: date, location, incident type, ect. All police reports sent by mail must be pre-paid.
What is the cost of a police report?
The Record Bureau will provide copies of records at a cost of $10.00 per report to the requestor. See below lists of other fees associated with reports and or media. Crash reports copies will also be provided at a cost of $10.00 per report. Fingerprinting for Employment: $10.00 Criminal Background Checks: $5.00 Certified copy: $20.00 Printing of Photographs: $5.00 per print, and $10.00 for an 8X10 print. Video Tapes: $30.00 DVD $35.00 The Records Bureau requires pre-payment on all media (Prints & Tapes/DVD's) with a 5 to 7 day processing.
How much is the deposit for water and sewer?
There is a $75.00 deposit and a $30.00 connection fee, for a total amoount of $105.00.
When will my police report be available?
Most Crash & Incident Reports will be made available within 3 to 5 business days, after they were taken. It is suggested that you call the Records Bureau to see if your report is available for release prior to coming to the Pineville Police Department. If making a request by mail, the report will be sent to you after it becomes available.
Are all reports obtainable from the Police Department?
The Records Bureau complies with Louisiana Public Records Laws when fulfilling request for public records. While there are many different circumstances that may prevent a request from being filled, the following list identifies the most common reasons for certain records not to be released to the public. Pending Litigation/Trial Preparation Records Case Is Under Investigation Confidential Law Enforcement Records Juvenile Records/Information
Does anyone have to be at the address to have services hooked up?
Yes, to avoid any damage to the property, we ask that someone be there.
Why do we have to have a lease agreement?
To make sure we have the correct address for service and a specific time that the lease began.
Why is a connection fee charged when the water is already on?
A service man has to physically go to the residence and get the readings on the meter to begin new service.
Whom do we need to contact about street lights being out?
You need to contact the City's Code Enforcement Office, the phone number is 318-449-5660.
Does the City give out trash bags like some other cities do?
No, presently we do not provide this service.
Does the City charge to re-read our meters?
No, we do not charge a fee for this service.
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